Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Paparazzi Have Nothing on Matt Mueller

Matt, always well equipped with devices to keep our memories frozen in time, with the help of Lisa’s camera, has managed to capture a mere 3,000 images of our vacation. (Yup, that’s all). We’ve been receiving a lot of encouragement to share our pictures and stories and we are prepared to open the flood gates. (If you really want to visit the proverbial “flood gates” you can find every single picture at We’ve decided to post a picture tour of each of the major places we visited, and also post a special “bonus section” that will hopefully cover something you’ll find either unique, funny, profane, or interesting. We hope it’s all of the above. Enjoy!
(Seriously, the guy means business...)

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udjim said...

Finally - It's about time that we have some pictures of you taking pictures!

When do you plan to start carrying product endorsements on this site?