Thursday, August 28, 2008

48 Hours!

Backup Singer: I'm outta time, and all I got is 48 hours.
Madonna: Time Is Waiting!
Justin: We Only Got 48 Hours To Save The World!
Madonna: No Hesitating!

That's right - just 48 hours and change until the start of Ramadan! No eating, no drinking - at all, even water - during daylight for 30 days. As you can imagine, that makes for some cranky people at about noon - low blood sugar, no water, and tired from the night before. But don't worry - all offices close at 3pm during Ramadan :) Don't believe me? Here's the wikipedia for you:

Still, this creates a problem for us non-Muslims, since we have to adhere in public at all times. Typically, a hotel or restuarant remains open, but most of the Western social life is tapped out. It does, however, get replaced by an incredible Muslim evening phenomenon - gourging on food, tea, and sheesha until late in the night, every night. Tents are setup everywhere, and festivities tend to be pretty serious - most people put on a few kilos over the month.

So for the next 48 hours, we're getting everything out of our system (or in it, then out of it) - the weekend is 2 hours away, and everyone is getting all riled up. And hey, with any luck, we won't end up like this 30 days from now (that's, um, me on the left, and Katie on the right):

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udjim said...

OK, you gorge all night; we'll keep the days covered for you over here.