Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Property Launch, With No Properties?

With the real estate industry still booming in Dubai, competition amongst the various luxury developers has become very competitive. As a result, the launch events for these properties (where high rollers come with a check book and purchase whole floors of condos on the spot) has become, like everything else in Dubai, over the top! These launch events are usually held in ballrooms and included seated 4 course meals, entertainment, famous MCs, free give aways, and more. Luckily for us, if you are dressed nice and feign interest in buying a condo you can usually take part in the festivities.
Last Thursday we weaseled our way into a launch event where Enrique Iglesias was having a private concert! The entire night was completely over the top, so much so that during the party Desert Dream Properties (the developer) had spent so much time and money on their property launch that they ACTUALLY FORGOT TO SELL ANYTHING. A three course dinner, performances by Enrique Iglesias, Raghav feat. Redman, and Elissa, plus comedic MCing by Arsenal player Ian Wright? Yes, quite fun for us and 100 other people - as well as THE exclusive event in Dubai for the night. But man - when they wake up in the morning and realize they didn't make any money? Now that's a hangover!Insult to injury - not even the couple above (that Enrique pulled out of the crowd to serenade) purchased an apartment. Ouch.

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