Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Le Parapluie de Versailles, or The Umbrella That Wasn't

They might have great wine, food, and sites, but I've found one thing that Parisians are severely lacking in (no it's not friendly behavior) it's high quality umbrellas! On the morning of our much anticipated trip to Versailles we were blindsided with cold, rainy weather. Of course, were were totally unprepared for these elements, so in a fit a despair I went to the local patisserie to grab eclairs and a cafe au lait to drown my sorrows, before we boarded our bus. My hopes for a perfect Versailles day were dashed! Matt, thinking a bit more clearly, went to corner shop to buy umbrellas for us both, so that we could enjoy the impending garden and foundation tour at the palace.

The fountain display is set to music, and it seems that my red umbrella, emblazoned with the word 'Paris' on it about a hundred times, decided that it wanted to dance along. Within seconds of stepping outside it began rhythmically turning inside out and back again, so violently that 2 of the prongs broke with it. Matt and I tried to right the wrong while standing there getting drenched in the gardens, but it was no use, the umbrella was rendered useless. At one critical moment I actually threw it on the ground in desperation but I didn't think looking down on me that Louis XIV would be too pleased with my littering!

Thankfully the ladies in Dubai have showed me a thing or too about style, my trusty pashmina converted into the perfect head wrap. Next time we need to spend more on umbrellas and less on eclairs!
Watch the desperation here:

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udjim said...

" trusty pashmina converted into the perfect head wrap." ! 'Sounds like a great entry for the J. Peterman catalog.