Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're Live in 5...4...3...2...1....

And....we're back! We've safely landed in Dubai, all in one piece. We didn't sink any boats, lose our money to gypsy thieves, kill ourselves on a scooter, get kidnapped in Bosnia, or lose our hats over a cliff while driving the Croatian coast in convertibles. Of course, we came VERY close to doing each of those, and there's a great story behind every one! We'll be recapping the tales of our adventures over the next couple of days before we get back to our normal programming, so stay tuned for:
  • Vienna, Austria - City of Deposed Dictators, Classical Music, and Lots and Lots of Pork
  • The Adriatic Sea - Many Picturesque, Highly Flammable Islands to Visit
  • Split, Dubrovnik, and the Croatian Coast - All Beautiful, Just Stay Out of Bosnia
  • Paris, France - I Thought It Was A Joke That Everyone Has Baguettes. Sadly, It Isn't.

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