Friday, August 15, 2008

Adriatic Sea in Pictures

The skies were deep blue, the clouds were fluffy white, and the water a beautiful turquoise and emerald. It’s just too bad the boat wasn’t moving! Our “sailing” trip suffered from some serious weather problems which left us with either too little or too much wind to sail most of the time. The fish weren’t biting, the shower wasn’t working and we all had to pump our own pee. But other than that it was great! You don’t have time to complain when you are surrounded by scenery this beautiful.

Our sailboat, the Capella.Matt can't resist using his dive equipment!Our first "family dinner" in Hvar.Good morning!The boys can't get enough of our inflatable friends, Olga the octopus, and simply "Lobster".Hvar town center at night.Dancing at Veneranda club - a converted fort on Hvar.View of the harbor from the Spanjol fort.We climbed to the very top of the fort.Preparing for dinner. We had Dalmatian smoked ham at every meal!Watching the sunset at Bubba Gump's.Our friend Basile bought us all matching hats with our boat's name. So cute!Carpe Diem is the most famous bar on the island.

Our group with the trusty Capella in the background!


udjim said...

All these great sites! Thanks for taking us along in pictures. But - Bubba Gumps?!

Unknown said...

Very nice blog post. I like the pictures.Keep enjoying with your family and sharing with us about your lovely moment.