Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aye Carumba, I Miss My Mexican Food!

Dubai has it all… great nightlife, a booming economy, 7 star hotels… but unfortunately, Dubai is severely lacking in the Mexican food department. As my college roommates know, I made weekly Qdoba trips for the Chicken burrito (Not the healthiest habit, but definitely the most satisfying). Mexican and I go together like peanut butter and jelly and ever since I have arrived in Dubai I have been on a mission to fulfill my desire.

Then one day, our friend Imad said two glorious words to me – Maria Bonita. From the freshly baked corn tortilla chips to guacamole made table side to our steak fajitas and chicken enchiladas… perfection. (The only down side is that it isn’t attached to a hotel-therefore no drinking allowed- so we weren’t able to wash down our Mexican Perfection with a margarita).
And much to my delight, Imad introduced me to another Mexican gem, El Chicos, with its glorious and calorific queso. The only problem is that Imad has been my Mexican food enabler and we have eaten at the two restaurants about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. Seriously.

As a result, I now am in Mexican food rehab and I have been trying to wean myself of tacos and salsa. I hope I can make it through this difficult time in my life and I promise I have sworn off Mexican food…until next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt and Katie, This is Fahd in dubai; i dont usually do this "leave your comment" thing on blogs but 'ummmm tres banditos'so heres a tip go to one of the hotels in JBR like the hilton and order your El Chicos from the sports bar there and 'waala'... well hope you get my drift. This is Fahd from Chitown.