Monday, March 19, 2012

The Abu Dhabi Mid-Life Crisis Private Jet Airshow

Seeing as how I'm now the proud owner of a new company, I decided I needed a new ride.  Of course, as a stylish entrepreneur, it needs to be a stylish ride!
So, with one of our investors (just to make sure I don't spend too much!), I headed down to the Al Bateen airport in Abu Dhabi to check out the jets at the 2012 Private Airshow. Of course, I can't afford a shiny, new jet.  I'm more in the market for a family jet - perhaps a hatchback, lightly used, but still under warranty.  You know, a nice Toyot--err, Learjet or something.
For those of your with really big families, however, don't worry!  You can always get the private jet equivalent of an RV, your very own private 737 from Royal Jet.
It even comes with a full bedroom and shower (the kids sleep on one of the 12 pull-out couches).
No airshow would be complete - or any buyer ready to purchase - without a nice display of skydiving, acrobats, and smoke-based UAE pride.  Fortunately, the show didn't disappoint:
So did I buy a jet?  Sadly, no - but I considered a nice mid-life-crisis single engine Italian sports-plane:
Runner-up quote of the day: "So I can shoot things down in this plane, right?"
Winning quote of the day:  "Do you think I can smoke on this plane?"   "I would hope so - it's your plane, right?"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Talk Like a Dubai Expat...

In Dubai most people speak second and third languages, but for those of us who lack the secondary language skills, we focus on knowing just how to communicate in our native tongue.  English is the predominate language of cross communication in Dubai, so we are really lucky, but in many cases you have to know just how to phrase something.  Dubai expat speak has a life of its own.  This funny video is a good example of stuff people likely say daily.  Brush up and come visit!