Friday, August 22, 2008

I Love Fishes 'Cuz They're So Delicious!

Last Saturday the DSW (Dubai Social Women) decided to take a day to bond with the girls and to celebrate our friend Emma’s birthday by going to the Talise Spa in the Madinat Jumeriah hotel while the DSM (Dubai Social Men) spent the day fishing in Sharjah. Much to our surprise, after a relaxing day of massages, we were sent a text message that read: “We are cookin a feast fo’ ya’ll”. Apparently, the boys had a pretty successful day of fishing and were feeling motivated enough to cook the fresh fish of the day for us to enjoy. Not that we didn’t trust them…but we were half- expecting to arrive to see just a plate of cooked fish on the table. But Imad and Matt proved us wrong, when we walked into Imad’s apartment where they were furiously cooking in the kitchen – filleting fish, making garlic bread, tossing a cucumber salad and not to mention the appetizer spread on the table which included mozzarella wrapped in roasted red peppers, an assortment of cheeses and sautéed portobello mushrooms. We ended the night with full stomachs and games of Kung Fu Panda on Xbox and the ladies all agreed that this how the world should work - the men should do the hunting, gathering AND the cooking while the women focus on more important things… like getting the knots out of our backs.

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