Thursday, August 28, 2008

Behind The Laughter: An Office Tragedy

A lot of you have said "Hey, Matt & Katie, why don't you actually have to go to work?" Good question! Not only do we have to work both days and nights (these posts don't write themselves!), but frequently, our jobs put us in hazardous, embarassing, or just awkward situations.
To dispell the notion of Dubai as a job-free and consequence-free environment, I'll offer up a painful occurence from my past. Seeking to get some correct posture, I've been breaking every fashion and managerial rule in the book by holding meetings from my exercise ball. See the artist's rendering below, except picture me talking to my team from the comfort of a purple one:
So, Dubai wanted some karma back - and at 2:13pm on Monday, it got it. My purple exercise ball BURST from under me like a balloon. I instantly fell to the floor in the middle of writing an email, and whacked the heck out of my tailbone. Unforunately, the bruising didn't stop there.

Ask yourself, what's worse than finding yourself on the floor underneath your desk, in a suit, and in pain? Realizing that a) you need to get to the gym, and b) you just made a giant exploding sound in an office full of Americans in the Middle East. Scared co-workers, after ducking, came running to see me sitting on shreds of my ball:
And then the laughing began.

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