Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flying Platinum Class

At some point the world's creative marketers are going to run out of precious metals and gem stones to name loyalty groups after! Through vigorous travel and credit card deals Matt and I are a member of a number of "Gold", "Ruby", "Sapphire" and "Elite" classes all of which for the most part just equal a whole bunch of junk mail (not you Starwood we love you!).
Last week we found one of the last remaining 'classes' that you want to be part of, the Platinum class at Regal cinemas - it's like watching a movie from home only better!

First a word of caution on trying to actually see a movie in Dubai in peace - it's nearly impossible. In the past three years Matt and I have attempted to see movies of all ratings and timings and without a doubt the room is packed with cell-phone answering, talking-during-the-movie, I'm-pretending-my-kids-aren't-running-up-and-down-the-aisle types. Movie theatre etiquette is non-existent and in fact even turned on its head. "I had to turn my cell phone up even louder so I didn't miss the call during the movie" and "I couldn't find a babysitter for this rated R, 11:00pm showing so dealing my children is your problem, they won't bother me, and I can tune them out".

So over the years, much to our dismay we've avoided the theatres all together. That is until now....

For a premium (well worth it) you can buy your way into Platinum class, with is an 18 seat theatre with full reclining leather seats, a table between them, your own waiter, a full service menu, and a little button you can push if you want anything at all during the movie. Decide you want popcorn halfway through - no problem! You think it would be disruptive, but it's surprisingly not.

They even encourage you to chill out at their lounge before the movie and an usher comes to individually seat you in pre-assigned seats - no draped winter coats needed in this seat-saving! Then again it is harder to sneak in a bottle of water, and family size bag of sour patch kids (not that I know anything about that).

We paid the price but we did get to see Iron Man 2 on the big screen in peace and quiet while enjoying a lychee flavored Italian soda and some caramel almond popcorn - I told you, this isn't your father's movie theatre!


udjim said...

And now a word or two in defense of "your father's movie theatre"...

I doubt that, in Platinum Class, you can be assured that your shoes will not slip on the floor, because of the lovingly applied layers of dried Pepsi.

And after you've finished your popcorn, I doubt that you can easily reach a piece of pre-chewed gum thoughtfully placed beneath your seat.

Platinum class, indeed.

Namejko said...

For once Dubai doesn't impress. What about Cinema de Lux right down the street from Matt's parent's house in Fairfax? Just as expensive and definitely only worth it once just to "try it out." My vote is still staying in at home and watching from the comfort of my own sofa :)

Lisa Shaver said...

I have to say I'm not sure if I totally agree with this blog post. We went last month and paid $30 each to sit in a big chair! Rip-off!