Friday, October 23, 2009

Data Overload! Wedding Pictures and Videos!

The Shaver-Mueller Video Trailer

Coming soon to a theatre near you! (And there better not be a sequel...) :)

When you are confronted with 20 unique hours of videotape and 3,000 pictures you should be able to find a few good shots right?

We are are so lucky to have a lot of images that we love and we can't wait to share them with our family and friends! Matt and I have now figured out that the first test of compromise in your marriage is to agree on just 65 pictures from your wedding album out of over 3,000! It's brutal and so unfair! Be merciful don't make us choose!

Therefore, this blog post has been equally as hard to prepare because we just can't decide what to share (ok, ok and loading individual pictures on Blogger takes about 5 minutes each...we would kill each other). So you have options! I've prepared a small slide show of some of our top favorite images, but if you are a real sucker for weddings or it's a slow day at work (of course I'm talking to the ladies here) feel free to peruse the gallery online!

A Little Slideshow of Our Favorite Pictures:

And for the special few of you who are still paying attention, a little Father-Daughter Dance action:

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