Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lightning Strikes Many, Many Times in Dubai

I think the planners definitely sorted this one out ahead of time, but tonight a massive thunderstorm hit the Burj Dubai, now complete with its spire on top at a bit over 2,000 ft. Don't worry - all of the lights are still on. But man - every bolt of lightning went straight for the top of that thing. I got a couple of shots of it, but it ended up as a picture of a big white, well, picture.

Almost more entertaining than watching the lightning on my way home was taking my Toyota Yaris through 3 feet of standing water. I'm a little more reckless with my rental car than some - there were Ferraris reversing on the main highway to avoid going through big puddles. "How'd you total your Ferrari? Oh, I was trying to avoid getting it wet." Smooth move.
My dad has said he wants the scratch and sniff blog up and running quickly. To that, I say - imagine what happens when a city with no sewer system floods. Ewwwwwww. And yes, you CAN smell it 300 ft up. Iym typeeeng wit won hyand while Iee hold meee nyose...

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udjim said...

Okay, so maybe an OPTIONAL scratch and sniff feature? You're right - sometimes "the next best thing to being there" is better than being there.