Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

It's not often that we cook at home, but when Matt and Carlton return from a fishing trip with 40lbs, of Dorado aka Dolphin Fish aka Mahi Mahi, you have to do something with it! On Friday the boys participated in the First Annual Dubai Social Fishing Tournament - that is to say a group of 20 guys got together and challenged each other to a "fish-off". Matt caught a few huge fish and our dinner table was all the merrier for it, except for that darn naming problem. When looking up Dorado recipes online, our efforts fell flat, then Carlton mentioned that it looked like a Dolphin fish, so we tried that, the Dolphin fish search lead us to a Wikipedia page with pictures and a full description of the fish in question and then we finally realized that they had caught Mahi Mahi. This last discovery made it much easier to search the Food Network site for recipes. Matt and Carlton whipped up a Mahi Mahi two ways dinner, with the first being seasoned and pan fried in olive oil, and the second being in a parchment pocket which was baked with fresh veggies and spices. Yummy! My contribution to the dinner was Matt's Mom's garlic and thyme asparagus, which went over really well (thanks Bonnie)!

The only problem now is the freezer...will anyone take the other 30lbs of fresh fish off our hands? There is no room for the Eggos!

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udjim said...

Congratulations on the fishing and cooking success, but I'm sorry you solved the dorado = mahi mahi riddle. 'Kind of limits my enjoyment of the old John Wayne western to know it was really all about a fish.