Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Christmas Recap

Whew - what a Christmas break! Although I think Matt and I agree that the word "break" might be a bit of a misnomer. Between the wedding planning blitz that spanned three cities, driving back and forth between Philly and DC seven times, and trying to make it to see every friend and family member through a myriad of dinners, office visits, and Christmas parties, we've finally managed to get some rest - but we had to fly to Dubai to get it!
Despite some of the exhaustion, the holiday was really great! We were able to reconnect with so many people that we miss so much during the year. Not to mention indulge on lots of homecooking, new television programming, Christmas decorating, and faster WiFi!

We swung by the Advisory Board to visit old colleagues, and took in some Sushi with Matt's high school 'chums'. Our friends Hersh and Jen met us for drinks to chat and catch us up. We were able to join my mom's family Christmas party as well as see Matt's high school friends for brunch on Christmas Eve day. We said hello to my Dad's family on Christmas Eve afternoon, and made a special trip to see our friend's the Arnold's (who are also our neighbors & colleagues in Dubai, but hail from the Philadelphia area) for their annual Christmas Eve party.
We embarked on some new traditions - Matt joined my family on Christmas morning, unwrapping presents at my house, while after lunch the Shaver crew packed up and joined Matt's family for Christmas Dinner in DC. My mom and I organized an outing to the Kennedy Center the day after Christmas, to see a special performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs.
Christmas morning at the Shaver'sIn front of the Shaver family treeMatt gets into the spirit of things!Every year the Muellers do this incredible Christmas tree - 14 feet, I think!A very special present from my Mueller secret SantaMatt's Mom tried our this new recipe for a Pomegranate-Champagne Punch, yummy!
Enjoying the performance at the Kennedy Center, Phantom of the Opera was the highlight!
We managed to squeeze in a very competitve game of Monopoly with out good friends Simmi and Angad, and then took one final drive back to Philly to have lunch with my friends before heading to Old City for our friend Jessica's 30th Birthday Party. (Or as she called it 'my big Dirty'.)
Happy Birthday, Jess!
Matt and I got to ask our ask our bridal party to join us at the altar, which we've been waiting to do in person for a while!

The Best Man (in his new chef's jacket) and the Maid of Honor.

It was a full trip, and we want to thank each and everyone of you who made the time and effort to accomodate our crazy schedules and see us while we were home. It means the world to us to see you all when we come home, and you truly made this a very very special Christmas for us!

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Maggi said...

Hi, I noticed you went to the same show as us at the Kennedy Center. Wasn't it great? I LOVE Eric Kunze and go to see him whenever he performs. He's the one who sang Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar. If you want to read more about him I have a fansite for him:
Regards, Maggi