Sunday, January 25, 2009

Putting Coatesville on the Map?

I always thought that my hometown would be put on the map, but I thought it would be for great soft pretzels or the study quality of our Amish-built furniture, so I was pretty shocked when Matt called me over to the computer to show me that there was a story about Coatesville on the FRONT PAGE of Apparently, there is some arsonist(s) running wild around the downtown area and there have been 14 fires in one month, including a 7 alarm fire that burned down over a dozen houses, and took 150 firefighters to put out just this morning.

A quick chat with my Dad, who is a teacher at Coatesville High School, confirmed the details of the story, and he said that all the teachers have been put on alert in the event they hear anything suspicious in the hallways, as the fires are suspected to be part of gang initiations.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking - wait Amish? Farmland? Gangs? Well, if you really are interested I'm happy to share the the strange history of Coatesville, PA with anyone who will listen. In the meantime, I hope all my family and friends are staying safe and checking their smoke detector batteries, and let's hope that these criminals get caught soon.

We definitely deserve to be on the front page of CNN, for so many other reasons, lets make sure these idiots don't steal the show.
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