Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Live Every Week, Like It is Shark Week

To quote 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan when he decides to give NBC page, Kenneth, some inspirational advice, "Ken, just remember - live every week, like it's Shark Week."

Words to live by.

We must have been very good boys and girls in Dubai, because we are the recipients of Animal Planet's Shark MONTH which I am told does not exist in the US. While I've always waited with anticipation for Discovery's week long programing to begin, I must say Animal Planet is putting on a shark bonanza and we are the lucky beneficiaries!

My excitement draws from the fact that a) shark TV is awesome and b) we never get the good stuff here.  When we finally get US programming we are a season behind or have to make do with Arabic subtitles, so a healthy DVD collection is a must.

But now with Shark Month being offered real time, we can give the DVD player a rest.  Last night I took in 2 hours of Shark Rampage 1916, which tells the true story of the events that inspired, Jaws.  The truth is scarier than the movie!  Next up Ultimate Air Jaws tonight.  Oh yeah.

Anyway I don't want to brag but - my Shark "week" is bigger than yours!

Shark Month on Animal Planet from Dan Merry on Vimeo.

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jimdad said...

'Can't help but think what might have happened if someone had yelled "SHARK" at the Atlantis party.