Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mondanite Magazine

That's French for 'society life', or 'our circulation is 10 people' we aren't sure. It's a monthly magazine in the UAE. Like so many of the magazines in the UAE it focuses on capturing the plethora of events that happen each month along with a healthy dose of celebrity sights and interviews from across the world. As Lisa works in the publishing business, at Motivate Publishing (go Emirates Woman!) the office is flush with the new weeklies and monthlies constantly, so they can keep up with what the competition is doing! She didn't notice anything strange about this particular issue until a guy at work said to her "Lisa, what did you do differently to your face? Did you do different makeup?" When she replied "huh"? He dropped the magazine on her desk for further inspection.

When she took a peek she saw that it was instead my face, and Matt's looking back at her, on the cover of the magazine! She confirmed to her colleague, that it was indeed not her, but her sister on the cover (but seriously who asks a question like "what did you do to your face?" I think I'm taking that as an insult!)

She called me in the next minute to deliver the outrageous news, saying "it looks good, you are next to Scarlett Johansson" and added "all the girls in the office think Matt looks like a movie star". Apparently so many celebrities visit Dubai, they have simply run out of people to put on the cover. The event was back in November and was the 150th Anniversary of the House of Boucheron, a Parisian jewelry designer. It was a really awesome night, as the 55-piece UAE Philharmonic Orchestra provided the entertainment and French singer, Barbara Nicole performed some opera tunes. As with most Dubai events (and this was a French one to boot), champagne was plentiful and so where yummy hors d'oeuvres. Of course, there was a lot of press so we didn't think anything of it, when a photographer asked if he could snap a picture.

Next time, we'll remember to ask for some royalties!

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udjim said...

I feel your pain - People are always asking what I did to my face - Now I know that it's a compliment (at least in Dubai)