Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At 9am (6pm Dubai time), The Whole World Will Stop and Stare

So many people have told us that they really enjoy reading about us, and that they would love to be here with us in the nice warm weather, fun lifestyle, and crazy sand-based outdoor activities.

I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that EVERYONE we find wishes they were in DC right now. It is killing us to be away from Washington - we wish we were right back there with you. It usually kills us just to see video of DC on the news, but to see live broadcasts from the National Mall? Or a U2 Concert from the Lincoln Memorial?

All anyone abroad is talking about is Washington - it was never so cool to be an American. We want to let everyone back home about to make history know that the rest of the world is absolutely glued to their TV sets. All of the speeches, all of the events are shown live on almost every station (the rest are covering Gaza). Here's a picture of Lisa, who stopped mid-run on the treadmill to watch Obama's cast-off speech live in Dubai from the Philadelphia train station.
The world - many, many more non-Americans than US citizens - are about to come to a standstill at 6pm Dubai time, 9am Eastern tomorrow morning. Here's a little bit of a sampler:
Gulf News, the biggest paper in the Arabian Gulf RegionThe Hong Kong Standard

Google News, Aggregating from 4,500 news sources


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udjim said...

You mean for once, we'll be in a cooler place than you? Look for us on TV - we'll be in the crowd waving right at you.

FYI, the swearing-in is actually closer to 11:30, but we get the idea.