Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Better Homes Cover!

It's not Sports Illustrated or the September issue of Vogue, but we aren't real models either so we have to be happy with what we get! Matt and I were pretty jazzed to grace the cover of Dubai's Better Homes magazine this past week.  It was a great opportunity for Matt's slick Knot Standard blazer to get some airtime and an even better excuse to clean our house from top to bottom.  Cover shots are definitely "toothbrush on the grout" worthy!

It was a great chance to look back on our last five years in Dubai and the place that we have made into a real home.  We've come along way from living out of seven suitcases at the Movenpick hotel in our first month, to a chance to have our home featured on a cover so many years later.  We've had so many weird and wonderful experiences (and blisters from Ikea allen wrenches) in our attempt to create a home in a foreign land.  This piece gave a moment to look back on the journey that lead us here and we were really grateful and flattered to be featured!

The full text of the article can be found here:

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