Saturday, January 30, 2010

Under the Weather? Burj Khalifa Medical Center has you covered!

Hats off to all of our good friends at Methodist International. When asked by Emaar (of Burj Khalifa fame) to build a clinic that looks like a hotel, they really came through - take a look at this lobby! When you check in, they bring you tea, a hot towel, and antiseptic lotion - nice touches, especially when you're sick and/or injured. Take a look at the lobby of Burj Khalifa Medical Center:
And if you're lucky enough to be sick here, you get a waiting room that is nicer than your living room. This is a far cry from the public hospitals around the Middle East where you're as likely to get diagnosed with pregnancy as you are a broken wrist, so we certainly welcome the change.
And since I'm writing this while I'm home sick in bed, maybe it's time to try out that new insurance card...

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udjim said...

I hope you're forwarding this message to members of the US congress - maybe it will get them off the dime about health care reform over here.