Saturday, January 30, 2010

Martini Terraza Launch Party

It's a tried and true formula: New Hotel + Infinity Pool + Drinks + Lounge Music = Chic Weekend Revenue Stream. Martini Terraza, who held a private launch for media last night, is the perfect example of that rule applied. Located on the 4th floor outdoor pool deck at the Address hotel in the Marina, it's a great spot overlooking the promenade.  We dropped in to sample the drinks and the ambience, and were pleased with what we saw.
First off, it's not a club - it's barely even a bar, which makes it a nice cozy outdoor lounge.  The infinity pool is one of the nicest we've seen, and while the skyline of JBR may not be the most picturesque, the drinks were good enough that we didn't mind.  Chill lounge music was provided by a "DJ" with the stereotypical Macbook - on a side note, have you ever seen a DJ with a Dell?  An HP?  I can picture the job advertisement now: 
Wanted: Angrogenous but stylish dresser with white shoes and tight shirt.  Must be well-versed in iTunes, and familiar with Apple's Lounge Music Mix #7.  Available to work nights.  Ability to look busy without actually doing anything a strong plus.
Overall, we expect Martini Terraza to do well - if you're lucky enough to spend a Friday afternoon chilling out on the sundeck, change into your best white pants and chill the night away as well. 

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