Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Cooler Than Being Cool? ICE COLD!

Brrrrr...after spending a wonderful Christmas day with both of our families, we took a Shaver-Mueller family outing on the 26th. We returned to the original site of the wedding festivites, the National Harbor, and took in the Gaylord National hotel's ICE! experience. It consisted of a carved winter wonderland that included many holiday scenes, an ice sleigh and even racing ice slides. The ice world was created by 40 Chinese artisans over 6 weeks. They hail from a region in China called Harbin, located in Northeast China, where relentless winter winds blow across from neighboring Siberia. The average winter temps fall dramatically to an average of only 2 degrees... sometimes plummeting to -36. Harbin stays below freezing for almost half the year. They have honed their skills by cutting ice blocks from a nearby frozen river and creating ice sculptures.

We had a blast! Although we were less than fashionable in our standard-issue blue parkas, they were necessary in the 9 degree enviroment! It was definitely a unique experience and it was fun to share it with the whole family.

Family shot in front of the ice sleigh.

The Jefferson of our favorites! (And Matt's proposal site and groom's cake)

Hanging out with the peguins. The dye the ice with food coloring which, if you are Matt, ends up all over your hands.

The smurf Shavers (minus Lisa)

The ice palace was awesome! Complete with racing slides.

Matt's Mom shows off the 15 foot tall ice angel.

Mom and Wade race down the slides!

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