Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eat All the Butter You Want, Life is Too Short...says Belgian chef

Who doesn't like diet advice that includes butter, cream and beer as part of a healthy routine?
This was just some of the 'interesting' healthy food tips we received at the Expat Woman "New Year, New You" breakfast. The ladies at Expat Woman always put on a nice event, and to kick off the new year they brought together a variety of vendors from fitness instructors, spas, jewerly designers, and contining education courses to help us all kick off the new year in the right way.

Lisa and I, along with our friend Meredith enjoyed some breakfast (note: danish is not a good way to kick off a diet!) while we perused the stands and took advantage of samples. My sister was even lucky enough to nab one of the free haircuts they were raffling off. However, the highlight of my morning was the speaker who was headlined as a local chef who was going to share some healthy food tips with us.

He was the chef at the Belgian Beer Cafe (located in the Grand Millenimum hotel who was hosting the breakfast) and although he was a nice guy I'm not sure if his advice could compete with that of a dietician. Here are a few memorable quotes.
I think he would have inverted the food pyramid if he could. 9-11 servings of heavy cream a day, anyone?

"They first started focusing on 'healthy food' in the US. I'm not sure why. I think it is because alot of them are getting really fat."

"Eat tomatoes they are good for the heart attack."

"Strawberries are ok, but too many can be poisonous."

"You can eat anything as long as you do the sport. Look at me, I'm skinny."

And my favorite, "Life is too short, eat what you want and be happy."

After his talk/comedy routinue which had all the ladies laughing. He shared with us a menu that he prepared for us, if we want to make a healthy meal at home. Amongst the suggestions were endive salad with blue cheese dressing and French onion soup with a cheese top!

Whew! If this is diet food sign me up!

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udjim said...

'Couldn't have been an authentic Belgian chef if he didn't show chocolate on the food pyramid.