Sunday, November 22, 2009

Parlez-Vous Francais?

What's the best way to get grown adults to attend French class? Host it at Ruth's Chris steakhouse and offer a French wine tasting and canapes to boot! The Eton Institute has pared up with the international steak house to offer weekly French language lessons for the next month on topics like: how to order at a restaurant, French etiquette, and basic greetings.

It was just like how French class used to be! We were each made to pick a part in a dialogue and play out the parts. Pretty funny when you are all adults. (I won't name names, but I must say spoken French by a native Scot was pretty...interesting)

Our sweet teacher was a former dancer and choreographer at Ledo in Paris, so when we were finally we able to use our English language skills she shared with us some great back stage stories.

Matt and I had a great time meeting a few new people and enjoying the featured Bordeaux of the night. We left happy and full and knowing how to order frog legs in French - a key skill!

Learning about the wine

Matt after he just read the 'Garcon' part out loud.

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udjim said...

I can just see Matt as a French waiter. Can we go to the video?