Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is a Highway, But We're Still Taking Taxis

We couldn't hold out forever. After two years of periodically renting cars like the amazing Toyota Yaris (built for children under 14), Nissan Tiida (size of a small rodent), and taking taxiis to and from work every day, we finally bought a car! The process was pretty painless for Dubai - one test drive, a couple Google searches, and voila, we're driving home in our new roadster! Yes, we felt at home with our Dubai brethren - no longer were we being passed by Bentleys and Ferraris (okay, still passed by the Ferraris).

Fast forward one week, when Katie has the car brought around after an event at a nearby hotel. It's a speedy little thing, so the fact that the emergency break was on (thanks Mr. Valet) didn't really present itself until 5 miles later. Unfortunately, once Katie took the handbrake off, the regular brakes failed! She managed to get all green lights until just before our building, and yanked the car off the road before hitting anyone.

And right now, we have a nice, sporty roadster that lives a comfortable life in our garage parking space. Does anyone out there know anything about brake line servo repair?

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jimdad said...

What's the word over there for "warranty"? Isn't car ownership fun?

Beautiful car, though.