Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our 2nd Thanksgiving in Dubai

Although living in Dubai has it's challenges, as proud Americans we are hard pressed to let any American holidays go by unobserved. Luckily we've got a solid group of American expat friends and a few willing Brits who can make these traditions happen. We had a an early Thanksgiving this weekend when our friends Amer and Maya hosted their 2nd Annual Thanksgiving in Dubai. (The real Tday is going to clash with the Muslim holiday Eid al Adha and therefore most people will be out of town taking advantage of our day off work).

Regardless of the date change we couldn't be stopped in our quest for all turkey day foods! Maya and Amer did a great job hosting and made a delicious meal with a yummy turkey and all the trimmings. Matt and I supplied the appetizers which were a caramelized onion dip, parma ham and cantaloupe wraps and smoked salmon, boursin and fresh herbs 'roll ups'. We concluded dinner with individualized giving-of-thanks speeches that all 13 attendees participated in - our Mom's would be so proud!

We had one extra surprise guest at the end. We were all introduced to Lord Cluckington (I think it should be Gobbleton, but hey...). John and Lynze introduced this fowl dressed in finery and gifted him to Amer and Maya with the stipulation that he must always stay in Dubai for Thanksgiving, even if he must be passed down. Hmm...I wonder where and who he'll be with in 10 years!?
Introducing Lord Cluckington!

With the hostess before dinner.
Check out that bird!

Yum, Yum, Yum

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udjim said...

'Glad you had a great time - we enjoyed watching the making of the appetizers via video call.

We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with you in person!