Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wine and Cheese, Please!

In Dubai the occasional libation isn't hard to come by, although it is illegal to serve alcohol unless you are a venue connected to a hotel, there are plenty of hotels to come by, so we are spoiled for choice! However, of the bars and restaurants that do serve alcohol, pub-style places are much more abundant than wine bars, so we were thrilled when the Qamardeen hotel next to our apartment opened and began advertising a wine and cheese special on the weekends. On Thursday, we headed over to see what it was all about.

For 99 dirhams each we were treated to a 3 hour unlimited wine and cheese offering including our choice of a house sparkling, red or white, 20 types of cheese, fruit, quiche, fresh bread and crackers and dessert! Matt, Lisa and I had a great time chowing down on our pure dairy dinner while Matt regaled us with stories from his work day which consisted of building a cardboard boat and racing his coworkers in the Persian Gulf/Arabian Gulf (yes it can be called by both names) - more on this story from Matt soon!
Everything was tasty, and the decor was that of an Arab W Hotel, if you can picture it. Not to mention our waiter, from Kenya, kept the jokes coming all night so we left satisfied and in a good mood to start the weekend!

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