Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lisa Arrives in Dubai

Our precious cargo has finally been transported to Dubai. After many months of planning, Matt and I attended Lisa's graduation from Temple University, and after her graduation party and a subsequent week of vacation at home in PA and DC, we scooped her up and brought our new graduate to Dubai. After 20 hours of travel we arrived safely in Dubai, to a brisk 102 degree day! For her birthday I set up a room just for Lisa to enjoy during her time in Dubai (we aren't sure how long that will be yet). She loved her room so much that just an hour after arriving she decided to test drive her new bed, complete with the eye mask from Emirates airlines! Fresh after her 6 hour mid-day nap (thanks jet lag) we decided to take her out for her first dinner in Dubai. Our friend Basile joined us at Barasti bar on the beach and we had a great time hanging out, especially when we convinced Lisa to smoke the hookah for the first time. A rite of passage! All was well until we finally checked a watch to learn that it was 1:30am on a school night! (again, thanks a lot jet lag) Stay turned for more adventures from little sis Lisa, and a guest blog post or two!

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dBecause you loved the Mario joke so much I figure I'd hit you with some more.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella....