Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lisa's First Week in Dubai - A Picture Story...

Here I am in line at JFK airport checking in for our flight. This is right before we had to make 15 pounds magically disappear from 3 of our overweight bags! 30 minutes later my "carry on" bag, was now a checked bag with 10 bottles of imported wine...(so that is what weighed so much - MATT!)

As excited as I was about my fabulous new room, opening my computer for the first time since we arrived put a major damper on my mood. I was hit with the Blue Screen of Death (known in the industry as the BSD)! Matt has been working around the clock to fix it but thankfully Katie saved the day by having an old laptop for me to use.

Later that night, after a 6 hour "nap" Katie and Matt treated me to a dinner at Barasti bar, a trendy outdoor venue right on the beach of the Persian Gulf. Yummy!

After hibernating all day Wednesday and unpacking, on Thursday Katie surprised me with a 75 minute massage from the local spa downstairs. It was the best massage of my life! My masseuse Maria engaged in acrobatics that would rival those in Cirque du Soleil. I will be visiting again soon. Sorry guys, you won't get your chance. No men allowed!

Thursday (the start of the weekend in Dubai) we indulged in the previously blogged about wine and cheese night at the Qamardeen. My favorite cheese was the Fontina! We made sure to get plenty of energy for the night ahead.

After wine and cheese, Matt swindled our way into the new night life hot spot the New Asia bar at the top of the Raffles hotel. We danced the night away to some old 90's hip hop tunes an didn't leave until early morning in search of Papa John's.

On Friday, we attended a little pre-party at one of Katie and Matt friend's apartment. We ended up staying there the whole night and I got a chance to meet the rest of their friends, including Katie's friend Emma, who is sitting with us.

Saturday, we went to the Mall of the Emirates, the largest mall in the Middle East and home to the famous Ski Dubai. We met up with friends Emma and Dan at Apres the restaurant that overlooks the slopes. We shared fondue, and watched the tykes wipe out on the little snow boarding slope.

On Sunday, I got a chance to hang out at the pool while Katie and Matt were out working, and we all had dinner together at Nandos, a popular UK chicken joint that just opened in the bottom of our building.

And on Monday morning I was lucky enough to have my first job interview! Wish me luck and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, it sounds like you're having such an amazing time! Live it up ... and I can't wait to hear about this job!

jimdad said...

Yes, please tell us about work, so I can bill this time I spend on your blog...