Monday, August 2, 2010

Have a Blackberry? Type quickly, for the end is near!

Arthritic thumbs around the world, rejoice!  Research in Motion, makers of the very Blackberry I'm typing this on, are getting all sorts of busted up by the Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority here in Dubai.  It seems that the UAE doesn't take too kindly to the security that Blackberries use to encrypt emails, messages, and web browsing (don't worry, I bought this one in the UAE, so there's a poor soul in the government who can and probably does read my 300 incredibly boring daily emails). 

The TRA is de-activating and blocking the email, BBM, and web-browsing features on Blackberries, effectively making them the world's most sophisticated pocket dictionary, on October 11th.  It really hit home when someone came into my office immediately after getting the news (on her Blackberry, of course) and said "Wait - does this mean we can all have iPhones???"

Oh great, just what I need - in one hand, a Blackberry that can't do email, and in the other, an iPhone that can't stop dropping calls!


jimdad said...

Back to snail mail! - I'm dumping all my RIM stock and buying stamps.
Look for my next comment sometime in October.

Matthew Mueller said...

Who do you think you're fooling? We all know you still use one of those comically large 1980's grey Motorola phones with a three foot rubber antenna!