Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You'll have to speak up, I AM wearing a towel...

In Dubai, the road to bliss is always paved with good intentions - take a few days ago for instance. A few of us blokes decided to have a nice slow brunch, followed by a couple of nice, calm, drinks at the Dubai Creek Golf Club.

Unfortunately, we ended up staying there from 2pm until 11, at which point we HAD to get shawarma. The girls went ahead to a friend's apartment, and we convinced a taxi driver to take us into the depths of hell for some BBQ chicken in a pita.

"Oh my GOD - we forgot food for the girls. QUICK! McDonalds!"

Armed with sundaes and cheeseburgers, we host a late night dance party. Unfortunately, my sundae never made it past my lap, and I had to borrow a towel. At which point Dan (the man with the guitar) asks, "Why is Matthew not wearing his trousers?" Good question, good question indeed. See, despite the best of intentions, the Middle East is an odd place where you can lose your pants in the blink of an eye. Watch out.

This post in memorandum of Dan Muller: 3 IV bags to get over food poisoning from that bad late-night Pakistani shawarma, May 2008.


Namejko said...

Please tell me that your 11 o'clock shadow is nothing more than that. If you are growing out a stache I may have to change the name of the company to Mustache & Namejko, LLC.

Namejko said...

...and also, is that a cognac and a beer with sunglasses on your head? All you need is a trip to the emergency room and you'll be me freshman year of college.