Monday, January 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Toothpastes

The evening started off with a picturesque dinner slopeside at Ski Dubai, which is of course located in a shopping mall (The Mall of the Emriates) inside a country who's tempaturate only gets into the 60s in the dead of winter. Set that aside for a minute, and wonder at the splender of the Dubai pharmacies. Prescriptions? None required, but that's no big shocker. Helpful staff, rock bottom prices? Check. But the truly life changing revelation: we no longer live in a one-toothpaste world. Gone are the days where you have to get your morning caffeine from coffee, soap, or mints. No more are the nights where you have to lather your teeth one at a time with aloe, lavender, and chamomile. Now, there are toothpastes that handle these monotonous chores for you! Better living through chemistry - today, it is truly tomorrow in Dubai. Just check the clock on your right.

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