Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jet Lag? What's That?

Okay, so we lied. We can't seem to drag ourselves out of the hotel before 5pm, or manage to get to sleep before 9am. The good news is that leaves Dubai's nightlife square in our prime hours - and we've certainly been taking advantage! After customs and UPS were kind enough to deliver all of our boxes (can you believe it?) to the hotel, we decided to venture out on the town.

Last night, we went to a nice wine bar in the Fairmont hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, and began to meet our new crowd. Tom introduced us to some of the heaviest drinkers we've ever met - and the night went on from there. We left the lounge and went to a club blasting house music not too far from our own hotel. If you take a look at the gallery, you can see that we redecorated the club a bit. Unfortunately, I lost my leather jacket in the process - bittersweet, but I guess that means another trip to Florence in our future!

After sleeping everything off today (we didn't set foot outside the room until it was night again), we went out for what we thought was going to be a nice, calm evening. No chance there - what started as a boat right in a man-made canal turned into a 9-bar "golf" bar crawl. We cut out after Left Bank (the third hole, and yes, the same Left Bank from DC), headed home, and tried to get our bodies back on a normal sleep cycle. Problem here, I'm here blogging at 6am, so yeah, didn't work all that well :)

Today we're off to look for a more permanent home - we're going to take a peek at the residence apartments next to the Burj Dubai (tallest building the world, under construction), the Palm out in the Gulf, or the Marina (way out west - think a couple of counties away). We'll keep you posted!

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Unknown said...

OMG!!!! After looking at the photos on your website and I have one thing to say....I hope neither or you EVER plan to run for office. Honestly, and I don't doubt that my brother spearheaded the whole adventure, but the sequence of photos suggests that the only thing you're working on is your tolerance!! Glad to see your world adventures are opening your perspectives to new music, I've heard Chingy is great.

PS - Never seen a photo of Katie - she's BEAUTIFUL!