Saturday, January 19, 2008

My First Taste of Dubai

My first impression of Dubai, taken from the airport, was that I couldn't believe how accommodating and easy everything seems. In fact, we probably would have had more trouble navigating the Atlanta airport. All our bags arrived - which I couldn't believe! - all 8 bags that we checked made it and we sailed through baggage claim and customs. Matt was briefly questioned, as usual, regarding some of the electronics in his "tech" bag. He and I can only imagine what this thing looks like on an X ray machine! Wires, batteries, hard drives, chips, cards, adapters, etc.

My first international experience came in the ladies room at the airport. I walked in to find a lady in traditional brightly colored African grab, a woman in a Sari, two Emirati women dressed in head to toe black, and me in my gray track suit. Standing in line waiting for a car service to the hotel we heard Arabic, Swedish, Russian, English - with a colorful array of accents, Hindu, German, Japanese, and Korean, just as a small sampling. I truly couldn't believe the mix of people!

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