Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Evening in the Middle East, Dinner in Zurich

It's coming up on evening over there in the States (hey, we know our readership! Censors from the UAE notwithstanding...), and we thought we'd reflect a little bit on what evening is like in the desert. First off, everything here is two hours behind - dinner is at 9 or so, and work doesn't start until later in the morning. So when I knocked off at 4:30 today to get some things taken care of (and these shots), it was, well, poor form. Katie and I did have to catch a flight to Zurich, which we thankfully made - all for about $10. Problem was, dinner with Swiss fondue at Apres, while wonderfully slopeside, was still in an Arabic Country. Ah, Ski Dubai - why must you be so tempting! There is something really nice about watching kids wipe out learning to snow board while you drink a glass of wine, and a muslim National (Dubai-an) to your right takes a blond out on a date - and yes, she's drinking. Stay tuned for this weekend, when we really do freeze - camping in the desert!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa - You are definitely in Dubailand. Are there any cultural, climatic, and geographic boundaries you haven't crossed in the last 24 hours?

And here we sit, just watching the sun set on the Bush Administration!