Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Love the Smell of Nepotism in the Morning

So, I must admit, I do for the most part think that the US is overly PC. I'm a big believer, that you can't really sanitize the world. So let's just all relax. Well a brief look at the Gulf News today, and I think I might be rethinking my position, just a bit.

In my search, both for a job and an apartment, I've come to realize that employers and landlords here can be a little bit more prescriptive regarding just what they are looking for. ACLU, eat your heart out!

There are receptionist jobs for a "Young lady graduate with a dynamic personality, who must be on their father's or husband's visa". Want to be an Events Manger for a large firm? "Only UAE Nationals, will be considered". How about an HR Executive? "Female candidates only" accepted at one firm. Are you thinking, but what about the men? Just wait, we have roles just for you guys too! The UAE Postal Service is looking for male-only candidates for network and administration engineer's (just email Mohammed for more details…). Barclays Bank could be an option, but only for those of you who are " 22-35 year old Arab, Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani candidates." There is a leading waste management firm looking for top talent, but sadly that job ,too, is for "an Arab National", there is another opening for a secretary however! You just better make sure to go take some glamour shots, because these candidates are going to be evaluated by the color picture they must submit with the application.
The only thing more disturbing that the job opportunities section (called Appointments), is the housing section (Properties). No Fair Housing Acts here! By far the most shocking ads are for the "Labour Camps". These are the huge concrete jungles that developers here buy up, and house all their labourers in. "10 people per room" one boasts, and "suitable amenities" says another. I don't know if I would call 1 bathroom for 50 people "suitable". The treatment and amenities provided to all the workers, that are the engine behind Dubai's insane growth, is constantly called into question here. The government is "working on it."

Landlords here can get pretty picky too. Indian bachelors-only need apply for the villa on the otherside of town. A great penthouse with ""gulf views" will only allow Indian executives to live there. Other one bedrooms are available for "working ladies" or a "non-drinking Filipino lady" or even a "European lady aged 50+". Some times just being Indian isn't enough, "
Mangalorean's only" should apply for the two bedroom down the road and other one bedroom apartment is available but only for "Keralite bachelors". (This is a kin to saying only single men from Texas can rent my house). There are plenty more requests Persian and Pakistani couples, as well.

This really takes the 'non-smoking', or the 'no-pet', requests to a whole new level! I'm waiting to open up the paper to find height and weight restrictions tomorrow (hey whey not toss in hair and eye color too!)

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herringtown said...

WOW. I don't feel so bad about my sublet classifieds ad I posted that specified "Ugly People Need Not Apply".