Saturday, January 19, 2008

Enroute to Dubai

The flight over to Dubai was great! I've never been so comfortable in an airplane! Matt's company booked me a coach seat and Matt used his points to upgrade me to business class right next to him. The service was incredible, the food great, and the chairs are each in their own pods which fully recline. We both slept for 8 uninterrupted hours! I couldn't believe that I was fully sprawled out sleeping on my stomach on this trans-Atlantic flight. It almost seemed a shame to sleep, because there were so many gadgets to keep us busy! The chairs are massage chairs, and each is equipped with a flat touch screen TV with hundreds of current movies, games, and TV. We also arrived to JFK early so we were able to take full advantage of the business lounge. Snacking on filet minion, caprese salad, gnocchi, and champagne wasn't a bad way to leave the country!

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