Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally leaving!

It seemed that we weren't ever going to hop on that plane! Matt and I were originally slated to hop on a plane January 3rd. Over Christmas break that was pushed back to January 7th, as the Harvard Medical International folks wanted to have him in Boston for few days of meetings with the executive team. The 7th finally became the 14th, Matt and the executive team were delayed one last time for a three day site visit at UPMC before we were finally ready to leave.

I for one was really thankful for the time, it allowed me to be at home with my family for an entire week, which I didn't expect. While I spent most of my time nursing a terrible sinus infection (figures! my Dad said that people always get sick, ironically, when they finally have time to rest, unfortunately I was no exception...) I did get a chance to visit Lisa at Temple for the weekend. She graduates in May, so I was really glad that Ryan, Matt and I were able to go visit and see her house - it was our only opportunity! I spent the other half of my time trying to scope out a site for our wedding! A very, very challenging job, when you have over 200 people on the guest list - my family alone puts us at 120 - with a Mom who is one of 8 and a Dad who is one of 5 siblings, plus first cousins, the list is big! One of the planners I was working with told me the first thing that I have to decide is if I am a "ballroom girl" or a "unique girl". The trouble is I'd like to think I am both, and I certainly don't think a ballroom as opposed to a manor home, or historic site, makes me not unique. Continuing this search from the Internet in Dubai is particularly daunting especially when ever site we looked at is practically already booked for the fall of 2009!

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