Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Worst Dubai Guide You've Ever Read

A number of you have been pitching questions our way - What food do you miss the most? Do they speak English? What do you have to wear? Even some zanier ones that I'll leave out for now :) To answer these questions, there are a number of intelligent, well written books on the subject. What the market is clearly missing is a half-researched, poorly written (grammer AND spalling), diatribe that panders to its readers and generalizes a whole country. So here it is!

Part I: What food do you miss the most?
The short answer is that you can get everything you want in Dubai - it's getting something that's different (or even local, but I'm not that adventurous) that's the real trick. Just last Friday, recovering from a night out, we had to order Papa John's pizza and cheesesticks - fortunately there's one next door. Interested in Chili's? Yup - all over the place. Baskin Robbins, Lebanese Taverna (particularly funny), Benihana - the hills are alive with the tastes of America! That, and Starbucks. LOTS of Starbucks. Next to each other, on top of each other, Starbucks inside Starbucks.

Check out one of their Takeout Taxi sites,

or (Select American cuisine for kicks - there's even a BW-3 and TWO Rock Bottom Breweries)
So folks, it seems no matter how far you travel, you're never really more than 5 minutes away from the Tyson's Corner mall. I'm off Panera for breakfast, but at least at the ones here, Katie can get her curry to start the day!


Anonymous said...

'Sounds like what Dubai really needs is a sort of Dubailand - an Emirati's interpretation of westerners' expectations of Dubai, e.g., gahwa rituals (sponsored by Starbucks, of course), robotic camel herds, etc.

Katie Shaver said...

Please, tell me that you do know there IS a Dubailand! Yes, it is true. Just visit the homepage for a minute, it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

So I've visited the Dubailand when I was researching Dubai and I think that needs to be a destination while over there. Just as a side note have you guys gotten any of my emails? It's chris by the way.