Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the Navy, You Can Sail the Seven Seas, In the Navy, You Can Visit Dubai!

We got an extra special (and surprise) treat last night when Matt and I were able to meet up with my 2nd cousin Jim while he was in Dubai!
LTJG Jim Dudley, and 2CUZ Katie

Even more exciting was that Jim had just sailed into town with the US Navy after 98 days at sea on the USS Peleliu (she's pretty cool, learn more about her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Peleliu_%28LHA-5%29).
Cheers to a "Global Force for Good"!

When I asked Jim what he might be up for around town he admitted that a great pizza and a cold beer would probably do the trick.  Good thing we knew just the place!  We treated him and a friend to dinner at the top pizza place in Dubai, Bussola, and finished up with a drink at the quintessential Barasti Bar.  It was a great chance to kick back, and enjoy some behind-the-scenes details about life on an amphibious assault ship with 1,000 people on it.  Let's just say Real Housewives of NYC doesn't have anything on what kind of drama and intrigue goes on after 3 1/2 months without seeing land.  I'm going to buy the rights to this TV show now but only if Jim promises to act as the host!

Thanks for dropping in guys!  And thanks for all you do to keep us safe and sound (and privy to some awesome stories).

Oh and they also recommended that we check out this little gem. We haven't been the same since!

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