Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charity Blog Redecorating

You may have noticed that we've added ads to our blog.  Don't worry - you're not personally financing our addiction to rare, ferret-poop-covered coffee beans.  We've decided to start running ads to generate revenue that we can donate to the charities we have listed on the right-hand side, like Big Brother Mouse,, and others. 

Anytime you click on one of our ads, 100% of the Google funds go straight to the charity of the month - starting with Big Brother Mouse.  The economics work out pretty well - most ads earn enough from one click to a buy a book for a student (kind of shocking, isn't it?)

Of course, we'd be nothing without you guys - which means we need your feedback on what charities to add into the mix.  Have a special passion for water purification in India?  Hand-crank-powered flashlights in Haiti?  Race for the Cure for Hiccups?  Let us know, and we'll check it out and throw it into the mix!

1 comment:

jimdad said...

I hope clicking on the Torch Flashlight ad didn't contribute to the "Give Matthew a Flashlight that Will Set Things on Fire" charity.