Thursday, October 28, 2010

Totally Tubular Dude!

Our beloved Fiona will be moving out of her apartment soon (and into a new one), and in order to say goodbye to the humble abode she decided to throw one last fete - an 80's party!

With only 48 hours to prepare I began scouring the town for a few items that would speak to the cherished decade of my birth and subsequent formative years.  Thankfully it seems that no one has actually told Forever 21, H&M, New Look and Top Shop what year it actually is, so my shopping excursion was much easier than I anticipated!  I was thrilled with my finds and when I spoke to Matt on the phone I told him that he had a great costume to come home to.  "How do you feel about Ducky" I said.  "Who's Ducky?" he said.  (He's never seen Pretty in Pink - don't get me started.  Or the Land Before Time, clearly).

As we got ready for the party we rocked out with some MJ, Crowded House, Tears for Fears, and Hughie Lewis, just to get in the mood.  When we arrived - me in an all lace 'ode to Madonna' ensemble and Matt in his nerd chic outfit, we came through the door only to hear our friend Sarah exclaim "oh my gosh you look just like Ducky!".  Mission accomplished.
The only thing from our own closets is our shoes!
Fiona was rocking the ugly bridesmaid look.
You're just minding your own business - vouge-ing away, and Axl Rose and Slash accost you!
Lisa and Bas provided all the day-glo colors and the necessary tights and leg warmers.
Best accessory of the night.  No question.
Note: the Iron Maiden t-shirt is from the actual tour - an artifact!
Would our "characters" have been friends in high school?
Lisa is feeling the power of the 80's woman!  Don't embrace it too much Lis - next stop huge shoulder pads and a paige boy haircut!

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jimdad said...

OK, just a little too authentic... We can only hope that future generations will be kinder to the 80's.