Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sandance Music Festival in Dubai

Over the years, Dubai has been hit-or-miss with strange concerts: "Rock the Desert" heavy metal concert out in the dunes, Aerosmith tearing up Formula 1, Enrique Iglesias playing for what turned out to be 50 people at a idiotically executed property launch, and an absolutely horrible high school orchestra at a jewelry show (hint - the orchestra is not where you skimp on your budget!).
They seem to be getting better, though.  Nasimi beach at the Atlantis set aside a kilometer of beach on the outer ring of the palm, set up an enormous stage, and welcome tens of thousands to the Sandance Music Festival.  Armand Van Helden and Chicane were the headliners, but the rest of the ad above is fall advertising - there was no swimming allowed whatsoever!
The good news about concerts in Dubai is that a) crazy is actually encouraged, and b) the bouncers are quite nice and gentle.  This kind man was nice enough to both let us up to the stage for pictures, and also ensure that Katie and Lisa had enough room to get their crazy on (I told you, it's encouraged - see below!)
Of course, Atlantis doesn't understand how to throw an event without fireworks.  From their $20 million launch party in 2008 until now, hardly a Friday goes by without fireworks coming from the hotel.  Guess you have to justify $500 a night any way you ca, now that the whale shark is gone!

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jimdad said...

I can understand why no swimming was allowed. With everyone crazy on the beach, lots of fireworks, and live bands, even Jaws was probably there.

I want to see the rest of the video, though!