Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Top of the World

I'm sure we've mentioned a few times that we live next to the world's tallest building. As evidenced by the pictures below (the view from our dining room table and balcony), it is a gleaming monstrosity that lurks just outside our windows. In fact, I can't tell what a incredibly helpful landmark it was when we were new to Dubai and didn't know how to give directions - "just go to the tallest building in the world" - is pretty explicit! The Burj Dubai (Burj just means 'tower' in Arabic, ie. the 'sail hotel' is the Burj al Arab, so "Dubai Tower" "Arab Tower", you get the picture, it isn't too complicated around these parts) is a modern marvel of engineering. But why let me tell you all about it when I can let Good Morning America do the work!

According to my Mom, GMA has launched a "Big" campaign, where they are seeking out the biggest and best record breaking things across the world and the Burj Dubai was their first stop. This is a great segment if you have 2 minutes and you want to see just how crazy this building is.
Enjoy! (And thanks Mom for sending the video.)

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