Friday, July 18, 2008

Who Needs the Hilton Sisters?

Paris and Nikki watch out! There’s new gals in town.
We don’t strut around with small dogs in our Louis Vuittons, and we don’t say idiotic things like “that hot” but we are having fun on the Dubai social scene! Dubai society and events almost always well covered by the press, as they are trying to project a certain image of Dubai. We’ve been approached a couple times to have our picture taken and to our surprise one ended up in the paper and the other on the web!

This one appeared in the Khaleej Times, an English speaking newspaper in Dubai. It’s from the July 4th party we attended, and we were sure to pull Matt in! Shockingly they got his full name right, and I guess we didn’t deserve last names. Either that or they thought that we were his two wives (not so uncommon here)!
The other picture was from last weekend when Matt was out of town and we met some friends out on the town. You can imagine our surprise when we went to the Ahlan! Website and our picture was on the home page (it’s kind of like OK magazine or US for the Middle East). You can see it at

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udjim said...

So Ahlan magazine has dubbed you the "Cheese" sisters? Is that a good thing?