Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dubai Big Bus Tour - Dhow Cruise

Our tour day concluded with a cruise up and down the Dubai Creek in a traditional Dhow, wooden boats made by hand, with traditional tools. We were able to escape from the heat in the hull of the boat and once cooled off we ascended to the top deck so we could see all the sites. Both Matt and Lisa captured some really great shots of the architecture, people and sites. So I am going to let the pictures do the talking! (Also, there is one picture, that deserves its own blog post. Matt will tell you all about that one...)


udjim said...

Great photos! Though I can't pick out which one has the special story (please tell me it didn't involve leaning out from some ridiculous height).

BTW, where in the dhow (I think I'm going to use that phrase again) were you able to cool off? It looks like a rowboat to me.

Unknown said...

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