Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dubai, the World's Largest Sandtrap

Has anyone noticed that it's in the 110's these days in the Middle East? Nope, us neither. Which is why we've chosen to play....golf! We're overheated, underhydrated, and tired - which is precisely why we thought it was a good idea to play in a shiny new course next to construction sites. A few of us guys - some dressed better than others (that's Thomas Arnold - T-h-o-m-a-s, tarnold@gmail.com) - took to Ernie El's latest offering here in the desert. An errant sand trap ball here earns you a hardhat and a trip on a jobsite. The good news is that you're the only guy there with a glove and a golf cart!

At least in the desert there's no shortage of sand to fill our many divots. And to anyone from the course reading this - we're really sorry about those other "incidents" on hole 13. We really have no idea what we were thinking. Full Gallery here after the break.

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udjim said...

Clearly you're adjusting to the heat - last we heard you were moving inside for the duration of the summer. Yet here you are and looking quite comfortable.

BTW, 'hope your golf game is improving, Matt - remembering your unique ability to hook the ball BEHIND you :)