Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dubai Big Bus Tour - The Creek

Ok, so it turns out Dubai has some real culture to experience! Just kidding. We've been meaning to take the Big Bus Tour for weeks now, and we finally found the many dedicated hours we needed to fully enjoy it! Although, I must say the charm of the big double decker bus is lost when you are sitting on the open air top level in 105 degrees! We managed to keep the sweat at bay long enough to see some of the sights! Check out the cell phone tower below, even they are kept beautiful.
We started the tour at Wafi City Mall and immediately turned down the road where our guide pitched us on the greatness of Dubai Health Care City (where Matt works)! We slowly snaked our way North in the city and headed East over the Dubai Creek. The creek really divides 'old' and 'new' Dubai, so the best way to see what all of Dubai was like before oil was found is, to head to Deira. Off we go!

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