Friday, July 18, 2008

Someone Please Tell Me How to Dance to Techno!

We made a triumphant return to the Plastiq beach bar for our friend Imad’s birthday. The previous trip hadn’t been as successful as we had hoped, since we weren’t aware of the dress code (or lack there of) and didn’t realize that the real party happened during the day. This time we were prepared! Bathing suit clad and arriving at 4pm to enjoy the ‘Nikki Beach’ style venue. The entire experience feels like an Ibiza meets Miami club…in the 1980s. There is an over the top vibe here that makes you feel like Gordon Gecko might just stroll up to your table any minute (just hopefully not in a speedo).

In order to make a special contribution to the ambiance, our crew rolled into the bar with, I kid you not, giant blow-up rideable pool toys in the shapes of a seal, elephant, lobster, shark and killer whale. Only problem was these uninvited guests were such spa hogs, there was no room for us!

While it’s fun to play in the sand and the sun, Plastiq presents one major problem for hip-hop loving American girls like Lisa and I. All the music is house/techno. Yeah, we don’t know how to dance to that. We’ve tried to learn from others but it just looks like a whole lot of jumping to us! Check out Lisa’s attempt to blend in - click here for a great video.

All that jumping around must have attracted some attention. Lisa and I were approached by “Hollywood TV” channel out of Abu Dhabi to offer commentary on the club!

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udjim said...

I think these people must have seen the Seinfeld episode of Elaine Bennis dancing.